When eels leaves, he will be the new fangurl mascot.

He's not really a bad character, but he's dating the bitchiest chica in 9th grade. It almost seems like a forced relationship. No srsly. Ziggy's not interested. He's all no me gusta for Tori. But who can blame him?

Maya has a thaaanngg for him, but his gf is cockblocking.

Zig kinda has a thaaaangg for Maya, but his gf is cockblocking.

Overall, he's overrated. Cool, but overrated. He had more interesting plots on Dino Dan. He aint got no drahh-muhh.

Apparently Zig-Zag cheated on Tori with Maya.  He wanted to break up with Tori for Maya, but Maya is already with the new guy Campbell Saunders. 

~~Las Trivialidades~~

  • He's a suckish skateboarder.
  • He hunts for dinosaurs.