This guy is so gay he makes Marco look like Alli's hair - very very straight.


He knows very much about fashion and is often critisizing his brother Owen's sense in style. Unfortunately, he is best friends with that bitch Tori. That dumbass tried to set him up with Adam, assuming he's gay

because of his LGBT pin.

It obviously did not work out and they were both all embarrased and stuff but he had a conversation with Adam about how that ho has a terrible gaydar and how his bro threw him through a door. He's cool.

Tori was his first kiss.  She kissed him right under Zig-Zag's nose. 

The poor guy suffered from a heart attack.


  • "Go suck an egg!!" - to Owen
  • "He called fashion week shallow.. uhh that's the point, granola cruncher!"
  • "Everything will be sunshine and unicorns!"
  • "Oh look, Maya and Zigmund are on the same team. How cute.."