Many viewers have stated that ECrap and Drew's various relationships have pretty much dominated (not the good kind of domination, mind you) the show. While this could be chalked up to pandering to a certain demographic, the real explanation is possibly far more sinister. It started in season 8, with the Mary-Sue that was Mia, and then with each successive season, the "main characters" have just gotten Sue-ier and Sue-ier: In season 9, it was the HJ and Declan show, in season 10 it was all about EClare, now in season 11, Drew gets just much attention as Eli.

But it's worse than that. The Eldritch Abomination in question has existed since the dawn of shitty romance stories, and is responsible for such monstrosities as the copy-and-pasted Nicholas Sparks plot (there's only one of them), Twilight, the reason why people think Romeo and Juliet was a love story and that Heathcliffe was supposed to be a romanitc lead.

Now we have seen the horror in its latest manifestation: ECrap and Drouche. By season 13, I suspect that the Creature will have already have been able to manifest itself in our plane of reality and will start demanding virgins to eat. Note that the Creature already has its own cult.

How to defend yourself against this monstrosity: STOP ADDING TO NEW DEGRASSI'S VIEWERSHIP. You could also stop buying so much Twilight crap and borrow a copy of that Nicholas Sparks movie/book instead of buying it, but that pales in comparison to boycotting New Degrassi. Also, try and decipher what that magical formula the heroes of The Dunwhich Horror used to kill Yog-Sothoth's demigod bastard child.
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Ia ia Andreas!


Boycott New Degrassi if you don't want this to happen.