Piley, aka the greatest Degrassi couple that should've happened.


See they're really meant to be! Peter's getting an orgasm just from Riley touching him!

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Peter Stoner
is a guy who was SUPPOSED to come out as bisexual, but the writers thought it was irrelevant and left it out. Tsk, tsk. He did cocaine cuz DATS HOW HE ROLLZ. He dated Durrcy till she left for Kenya to get rid of Clurr. He also tends to have Ian Hecox's hurr on many occasions. DOOD, WHY DOES EVERYONE DO THAT?! He wants to fukk Riley but he aint got no balls to do so. Kinda cool, except for filming bitches while they're topless. Shudda filmed Riley, buddeh. Would've gotten MUCH m
ore porno bucks if you had


"I'm gonna go snort some coke and tap some ass! Peace!"