Mr. Tuxedo Pants

Character BioEdit

Mr. Tuxedo Pants is the pet of Charlie Whatshername(Fiona's very first official real live LESBIAN! girlfriend,WOOT!).


Mr. Tuxedo Pants prefers to be called by his nickname,Mr. Tophat and Tails.

His long lost cousin.

While living with Fiona,Mr. Tuxedo Pants buried every copy of Eli's play that Fiona brought home,thus proving that even though he's a cat he still knows what to do with a stack of poo.

Mr. Tuxedo Pants does not like Claire Edwards and secretly plots her downfall.

Mr Tuxedo Pants, Fiona Coyne and Riley Stavros all share a love for the Swedish vampire film "Let The Right One In",however he has chosen to remain silent on the issue of Cats vs Vampires