Marco, with one of his better hairstyles.

Marco del Win, aka Marco del Rossi and Marco del Stud was one of the best Degrassi characters EVER! He was by far one of the earlist gay characters to be treated seriously and get the same treatment recieved by the straights in mainstream TV. Fortunately Marco left the show before Degrasshit started, or else he would've gotten fucked over just like all the other gay characters.,

Once beat up a homophobe! See what we mean about being awesome?! :D

He, along with Spinner, goes through more different hair styles than any other male character on the show.

The last season he showed up in, 8, is possibly the final GOOD season of Degrassi (Season 9 was kinda crappy and everything after is Degrasshit). Coincidence? I don't think so!


"I'M GAY!"

Marco: *referring to Liberty* "We call her the Black Widow." Shane: "Isn't that racist?" Marco: Nah, it's cool, cuz I'M GAY!!" Shane: "I don't think it works like that.."

  • referring to Peter* "Even with open sores on his neck he's still the hottest guy at Degrassi."

"Shane? That rhymes with Blane, which is the name of the son I adopted from England because I'm gay."

"Uh-oh, Shane has all his fingers!"

"Because the writers think that shortening words makes us more hip and relatable."

Marco: "She's the fattest girl in school." Terri: "Umm... I can hear you..." Marco: "Well it's true, CANKLES!"

"Sure have a bunch of "secs"...

"Oh, that's real funny El, hilar!"