This is the list of people Jenna Middleton told to go play basketball.
  1. KC Guthrie
  2. Spinner Mason
  3. Riley Stavros (him and Spinner were made into their own team because putting other people on the same team as them would be extremely unfair to ther other team, not that it gave them a better chance.)
  4. Clur Lusitania Edwards.

    Spinnurz turtle.

  5. Eli Foolsgodlworthy
  6. Adam Torres
  7. Drouchebag Torres
  8. Chantay the Black
  9. Holly J. HBIC
  10. Fiona Coyne sexy lesbian
  11. Shakira
  12. Lebron James
  13. Jeffree Star

    Getting an orgasm at an innapropriate moment (maybe he saw his own reflection?).

  14. Charlie Whatshername (Fiona's lesbian girlfriend)
  15. Mr. Tuxedo Pants(faithul pet of said lesbian girfriend)
  16. Baby Ty
  17. All the judges on Next Teen Star
  18. Tyrone
  19. Dave
  20. Bianca DeSalsa
  21. Spinner's turtle
  22. Sheldon and Kripke (which explains this scene)
  23. The muffin man

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