Liberty Van Closet Whore wants to be a prostitute when she grows up, she has wanted to be one since she was born. But she hadn't developed properly and she was never going to,she secretly stole money from the school during the shooting, explaining why she wasn't there. She has 5 sisters that look exactly like her that stunt doubled for her during the first 5 seasons. Season 1:Liberte. Liberte is the youngest sibling and was used for season 1, after that she was raped and killed by Coach Armstrong. In season 2 she used Freiheit, the second youngest. She dies when the girl's hockey team throws her into a pit of fire. In season 3, they use the next oldest sister, Libertad who dies at the end of season 3 by being beating to death by Towerz. In season 4, the next sibling is Liberta. She dies during a cat fight with Emma. The last sibling Liberdade is used for season 5 and gets killed after she overdoses on the drugs JT gave to her. Speaking of siblings, Danny and Liberty are not biologically related, and Liberty's birth mother died while giving birth to her. Liberty sadly dies herself in Degrassi Takes Manhattan when she gets sucked into the Degrassi Black Hole, and doesn't survive the first day.

List of People Liberty has insulted:Edit

  1. Toby
  2. Spinner
  3. JT==
  4. Manny
  5. Her Brother
  6. Derek
  7. Whitney Houston
  8. Tina Turner
  9. A Monkey
  10. Ashley (good on her)
  11. Pi Gamma Pi
  12. Emma
  13. Squall L.
  14. Shane Dawson
  15. Jimmy
  16. Ellie
  17. Terri
  18. Coach Assstrong
  19. Effie Trinket
  20. Eli Sucksworthy
  21. Joey Jeremiah
  22. Kendra
  23. Drew (good for her)
  24. Marco
  25. Paige
  26. Fred Figglehorn
  27. Gary the Snail


(To Shane) "As acting student body president, I, Liberty Van Zandt am here to welcoem you to Degrassi. But I warn, if you're a troublemaker, I'll be on your ass like flies on dogshit little girl."