Kt telling off clurr.

"You go Glen Coco!"

"You go Glen Coco!"

Yeah, you go Katie for verbally kicking Drouche's ass! (And no awesomeness for Bianca because she actually likes Drouche)

katie matlin used to kind of be a bitch. we like her tho cause she hates clurr. bffs with ho manstealer, marisol who has a nice weave. looks like a cat. She contradicts herself in that she doesn't like Clurr because she's dramatic but she dates a character who's done nothing but cause drama for other people.

Is kinda boring.

On the other hand, she made Drouche look like an idiot in fron of the whole school, which officially makes her not a bitch anymore. Now she's AWESOME.

She also is now dating Jake, which means she has SERIOUSLY graduated in her taste in men. Way to go girl! ;D


To Clurr: "U r DRAMAAA!11"