She used to lust over Eel's clitordick, but she got smurt and realized he's ghey.

Now she's dating Fiona Coyne. She dumped Eelz and went bi. Good for you Imogenii.

Eels has rubbed off on her. She once pretended to be her gf Fiona Coyne so that Fiona wouldn't get a job in Italy. Fiona was pissed off, but they stayed together til Imogen broke up with her at graduation. Fiona must've rubbed off on her too because she had to repeat her senior year.

Shortly after she broke up with Fi, she showed intrest in Adam Torres and realized she was actually fryingpansexual. She almost had sex with him (lucky), but Drouche cockblocked when he interupted them. Adam then realized he was in love with his ex gf, Becky the Baker.

So yeah, now she's forever alone.

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n0owt creeped, just hornee.~