fiona is unamused at chu.

Fiona Celestine Arabella Coyne or whatever the fuck her name is, is a student at Degrassi. She is lesbian, and still wants Adam to f**k her. ride the pony bby. She had a thaaaaaaaang for Holly Ginger Pubes Sinclair, and once dated SEX GOD Riley Stavros. Now she's with the tampon nose gurl. She surprisinsly turned the oppurtunity to have sex with him but they're both gay so it makes sense. Now she be direktin' Eel's shitteh play about his depressing, Dashboard Confessionals break-up with Clurr. Srsly, dood, get ova hur. She's pretty cool, except fo when she mackin' on her brother and callin Adam a chick.

She will not sleep with any man (unless that male has a vagina and is pretty, even if he has the hugest clitoris in the world), as evidenced by turning down having sex with Riley. Oddly enough, the only exception to this rule is her brother. Coynecest.


  • "omg i wunt tities!!!1!1!1!!"
  • imogen: "do u feel dat itz mai hart" eels: "um no itz ur tit" fiona: "lulz im lezbean"
  • "Y do all da boys want Clare? She ugly."
  • "Omg Decles fuk me!!!1 I want yo' eyebrows!"