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Ecrap beeing da worst.

Eclare, better known as ECrap or EColi, is one of the shittiest Degrassi pairings EVER. Clurr manipulated her way into becoming Eels' "girlfriend," and then Eels, turned out to be a whiny, selfish, manipulative, useless bitch. Sadly, this has nothing to do with the tasty dessert, which would've been much nicer of the Head Tards in Charge to give us instead of these two unlikeable, boring assholes.

Oh and those vile ECrap thrusting fanfics are just one of the many plagues on the internet. It should be illegal to write graphic sex stories about fugmonsters like Eels and Clurr.

Elward has now started cheating on Clurr with some blonde girl. Maybe he started being friends with Drouche Whorres or something. Though to his credit, that's something Edward would never do!