Not that bad once you think about it.

The writers gave all his traits to other characters

He's still pretty cool even though he treated Ashley, Manny and Ellie like crap

He even dropped out of school like drouche did, but he's a musician and Drew just works at some cell phone stand. He even has funnier derps than him too.

His Bipolar storyline was more interesting than Eli's for some reason. Correction: It is WAY better than Eels.

He is obviously more likable than drouche. He treated Manny and Ashley like crap and they still gave him another chance. Alli and Katie on the other hand are happier without Drew, and they don't regret breaking up with him. However they regret being in a relationship with him in the first place lol.

He and Joey had the best father & son relationship. And they weren't even biologically father & son!!!!! How cool is that?!?!?!

Joey loved him so much that he called Craig his "son" rather than "stepson."

The only musician who achieved a record label.