Connor, also known as Connor Connor Connor, is a so

Connor's ideal woman.

phomore in high school. He like Nick Jr., but despite this a fearsome and absolutely ruthless warrior. His most notable accomplishments are waging war upon Disney Junior and slaughtering many Disney characters.

Despite his warrior skills, he once fell for a female pedophile named Lovequeen16.

Connor is also a fan of MMORPGS. It is unknown if his MMORPG, "Realm of Doom," is better than real life or not.


Meanwhile on degrassi...


  • Has downloaded more porn than Drew "Douche" Torres (the porn king himself)
  • Friends with Wesley BetenjizzinmypantsKamp and Dave 'wannabe gangsta' Turner.
  • Used to be friends with KC Youtoldmetoplaybasketball Guthrie, Alli Bhanderpy, and Clur Lusitania Edwurds.
  • Connor used to be portrayed as a realistic kid with Asperger's. Now, unsurprisingly, the "writers" had him turn into a panty thief outta fucking nowhere and he got sent off for help and hasn't been back sense. I hear the Black Hole...


Connor has now offically graduated to "Awesome" status as he said that Drouche is not smart.


Connor: "You need to be smart."  drew: "Are you saying I'm not smart?"  Connor: "Yes."


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