Drew was simply intolerable in this episode. Lying to Katie, getting drunk, 'doing it' with her. I wanted to punch him the whole fucking duration of the episode. I can already tell Dallas is a fucking douche, hence his comment calling Adam Drew's 'sister'. Not to mention the fact that he commented on Maya being flat-chested. I HATE YOU. I HATE YOU. WHY WOULD YOU SAY THAT? Please choke yourself. I say this with a burning passion.

Now, Katie...girl. You can do better than that limp dick bitch! We call him Drouche for a reason. He's a jerk. I had more faith in you, Katie. You slept with the nasty fuck. Ew. You'll need to get checked.

Ugh, Clare. Please, move on. EColi has no place on this show or in your life. You were getting so much better! This really diminishes my newly found respect for you.'re doing it right for once. However, you shouldn't have taken back Clurr. You should have told her that you did not want anymore. Now, however, you're going to have to deal with another mental breakdown. SMH