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clurr hornee.

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Clurr Lusitania Edwards
, widely know as Bitch or Bella Swan, recently got dumped by Chicken Martin. She's bestfrands with Alli Bhanderpy. No matter how hard she tries to deny it, she wants Fitz to bone her sooooo hard. ride the pony, bby.

In season 10 and after, she stole Kitty Foreman's hair.

She was actually pretty cool until she dated Eli's ass! Everything just went downhill!


Straight talk

Srsly, Clare's a'ight. She's annoying and whiny as hell and lost her personality, but she's not nearly as bad as the likes of Eli and Drew.


  • "omg eli i wantz ur dik!111~!!" "no fuk u clurr."
  • "omg kt i want on teh degrasi writing thingy1!1!1!!!11" "no fuk u clurr"
  • "omg eels teik ur pills!!1!1!" "no fuk u clurr"
  • "omg durrcy lemme deleht ur mahroom page!!!1!!11" "no fuk u clurr"
  • "omg kc u be fucken wit jenna brake up wit hur!!1!!!!11!" "no fuk u clurr"
    Cluur and KC

    Clurr and KC

  • "omg adum dont fite fitz!11111111111!" "no fuk u clurr"
  • "omg imogen u be fucken mah man stop it!!!111!111!!!" "no fuk u clurr"
  • "omg mawm tell meh y durrcy cut hurslef!!!!1!!!11!" "no fuk u clurr"
  • "omg allz dont have secks wit jonny he give u stdz!!!1!111!" "no fuk u clurr"
  • "omg mawm u cnt d8 jakez daddeh hez my bf!!!11!!!111" "no fuk u clurr"

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watch out clurr.