Bianca DeSalsa, formerly known as Bianca DaWhore or Bitchanca, sometimes also known as Bianca DeSousa, is a reformed bully and bad person. Esh is a pretty cool guy now.

She most most recently got engaged to Drouche. What a moron, marrying a high school drop out. In a few years time, Drouche and Bianca will have become THE definition of white trash.

Fun facts

  • Adam should've beat the shit out've her when he was pretending to be Gracie and she called him "an ugly girl" (pfft, as if she's one to talk about looks). Reformed.
  • Bianca may have good looks, but you'd have to dig past that personality to get to them, and most people aren't qualified to deal with radioactive waste. Reformed.
  • Some people say that what Bitchanca did to Adam wasn't that bad because she was simply freaked out. These people are either high schoolers, homophobes, horribly sheltered and/or spoiled, stupid or any combinantion there of.
  • Bianca has finally apologized for being a bad person. Yay! \:D/
  • Bianca has low self-esteem, which is sadly why she agreed to date Vince and Drewshbag in the first place. Hopefully she gets together with Adam, a good guy rather than her narcissistic asshole of an ex.
  • Her earrings are big enough to do the hoola hoop with.
  • Bianca is a bad dancer. Her reputation as a good one is leftovers from when she used to be a bully and dumb luck. However, she probably has practiced enough with her earrings by now to be able to do a wicked Hoola Hoop. No, she cannot even dance Salsa dances, despite her name.

Slut shaming

Everyone calls her a whore for cheating with Drew. I've even seen some people (Fucking GIRLS mind you, not boys) joke that she probably gave him an STD. Yet for some weird reason, people have a double standard that says that Bianca is a whore (which she used to be), but Drew is not a whore, even though Drew is in fact, a whore. Can you spell misogyny?



Boo you whore

Boo you whore

Even though she's not whore, I simply could NOT resist! XD Sorry!

Mean Girls - You can't sit with us

Mean Girls - You can't sit with us.


You go Bianca DeSalsa!

You go Bianca DeSalsa!

You go Bi for kicking that rapist's ass!