Alli Derp

Looking back on dating Drewshbag.

Alli Banderpy is kinda cool. She's friends with Clurr Edwards but doesn't talk to her much because Clurr is fucking annoying. She once dated Drewshbag Torres, but she dumped his ass because Drewshbag cheated on her with Bianca DeSalsa. Smooth move, Drewsh. Before that she dated Johnny. X( Two abusive relationships in a row. She's kinda cool because she has everything against Drewsh and Eels, and kinda abandoned Clurr. She hangs with Baby Mama Middleton sometimes. Apparently, Baby Mama's kid is Christiano Reynaldo. At least that's what Alli said. She is brothers with Sav Banderpy, and was addicted to poker. She is dating Dave "Mutual Masturbator" Turner. Dave is surprisingly good for her. Hope she keeps it up!

She was fuckin' around with Jake "ManWhore" Martin/Edwards. Lucky bitch.

Dances a little bit, but Bianca was too bitchy for her to be around.

Her eyelashes are as long as Declan's eyebrows are bushy.


  • "omg allz dont have secks wit jonny he give u stdz!!!1!111!" "no fuk u clurr"
  • "lolz i dunt wanna date taylor lotnur hez too drewsh for meh."