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Swag-tastic BAMF.

Adam Torres
seems to be a third wheel to ECrap. He's the brother of Drouche. Poor kid.

He has more man in one pubic hair then Eli does in his whole body.

By far one of the BEST characters still left on the show.


He was dating Becky Baker, until he texted her while driving asking for forgiveness. He crashed into a tree, went into a coma, and died in a B PLOT. At least that's what the writers want us to believe.

  • This happened because Jordy's contract ended
  • They still did a crappy job
  • The degrassi fandom is PISSED
  • It was just really bad
  • Texting and driving is a good plot
  • But they handled it so terrible it was just..
  • The people of tumblr are sending armed forces to Epitome
  • It's not gonna be pretty
  • We can all just pretend that Adam is not really dead
  • Degrassi sucks, the end


  • pretty cute with the beanie
  • apparently he's the best of both worlds
  • Can kick Eli's ass without even trying.
  • Is way stronger than Eli.
  • His clitoris is bigger than Eli's tiny cock.
  • The only likeable character to come out of the diarrhea fest that is season 10. Oh wait there is Wesley, but other than that they're all massive douchebags.
  • bffl's with clare
  • He is a pretty cool guy. He makes Eli look even girlier and isn't afraid of anything.

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Look at how fucking sexy that is. I want to ride the pony, bby.